Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist 50 ml XEEIHFGTF

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MULTI-PURPOSE TONING MIST – Nutrient-rich reservoir that reverses the effects of dehydration and weariness caused by too much alcohol, air-conditioning, or flying while refining and calming pores. 42.7% reduction of non-inflammatory acne lesions (closed and open comedones) after 4 weeks of daily use.ANTI-BACTERIAL & HEALING INGREDIENTS – Colloidal Silver, a proven topical antibiotic & antibacterial active that quells inflammation and promotes healing. Healing Oils blend reduces inflammation & redness.IDEAL TRAVEL COMPANION – We’ve supercharged our mist with a special anti-evaporation molecule so it clings to skin cells instead of simply vanishing. Silk Amino Acids and Cucumber Seed Oil work throughout the day to counteract the effects of jetlag and fatigue.LOCKS IN MOISTURE & BALANCE PH LEVEL – Pure rose water with an enhanced CXA-6 PANACEA COMPLEX that protect against DNA, oxidative, and pollution damage while increasing collagen production. Vegan Formula.REVITALIZE SKIN & LEAVE A DEWY FINISH – Composed of an aloe and rose water base, the rejuvenating blend of probiotics and Acai Berry will leave your complexion glowing and dewy.

Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Mist 50 ml XEEIHFGTF

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