AKTA Balancing TonerCombination Oily FSMDMRYLU

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Balancing TonerCombination/Oilyrestores pH balancetightens and refines poresremoves dead skin cells, flaking, and debris

AKTA Balancing Toner 7oz.

Helps to clarify, and to restore the natural proper pH balance of the human skin. By removing traces of debris, flaking and dead skin cells, the refreshing toner helps add natural moisture, without adding oil, and helps prevent formation of blemishes and blackheads, leaving skin fresh and glowing.


After Cleansing with AKTA face wash, smooth AKTA Toner over the skin of face and throat with cotton ball both morning and night to help remove all traces of dirt, oil and makeup.

AKTA Balancing TonerCombination Oily FSMDMRYLU

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