Age Advantage Stem Cell Renew Repair Eye Serum SHBSNKGEU

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Highly concentrated formula containing Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Pentapeptide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin CProtects longevity of skin stem cellsDelays senescence of essential cellsCombats chronological agingProvides protection against UV radiationPreserves the youthful look and vitality of your skinSold in Day Spas and Skin Care Centers100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Stem Cell Renew-Repair Eye Serum is designed to minimize crows feet, diminish dark circles and puffiness, along with improve tone and texture of the delicate skin around the eyes. Three active anti-aging ingredients work together to improve the look and tone of your skin around the delicate eye area. How to use: Apply sparingly once or twice daily under the eyes, on the temples and around the brow area. Pat on under the eyes and apply in an upward motion from the outer corner of the eye up through the temple area. Avoid the eyelids.

Age Advantage Stem Cell Renew Repair Eye Serum SHBSNKGEU

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