Active Vitality Skin Renewal Gel JKFJGPAWA

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Active Vitality Skin Renewal GelNourishes the Skin with the Essential Vitamin EGives a More Youthful AppearanceHelps to Tightens the Skin for Several HoursCan Be Used as an Excellent Foundation for Your Make Up

Nourishing your skin is the best way to get supple, radiant skin. Vitality boosting gel nourishes the skin with the essential Vitamin E needed to feed the skin and to create a moisture barrier giving you a more youthful appearance. Skin renewal gel is specially made to supply the skin with the essential vitamins and minerals’ to moisturize for long lasting long lasting hydration. The gel helps tightens the skin for several hours and preventing particles not suitable for the skin from depositing into the pores causing breakouts. It supplies nourishment as it protects the skin. This gel can used as an excellent foundation for your make up, as it will tighten, tone and leave your skin silky smooth.

Active Vitality Skin Renewal Gel JKFJGPAWA

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